Tristream Propeller Company – stainless steel folding yacht propellers

About Tristream Propeller Co.

About Tristream

We manufacture the world's finest 3-blade, 4-blade & sail drive stainless steel yacht propellers.

We offer:-

  • Highest Quality Product Made from the finest 316-grade and titanium materials.
  • Any pitch/diameter combination available.
  • Superiority in design and performance.
  • Unbelievable reverse thrust for more control and maneuverability.

Tristream Propeller Company has the benefit of the in house design and production team at Albury Precision Engineering to ensure the latest processes and newest models to give both value for money and performance.

3 Blade folding yacht propeller4 Blade folding yacht propeller

By incorporating titanium washers between the propeller blades and the body quadrants, titanium pins and a newly modified gear form allowing superior opening & closing, a much smoother action from the blades has been achieved.

With the use of the latest in computerised design technology (such as AutoCAD, Gibbs and Inventor) the design of the propeller blade has been computer generated to provide accurate programming to the CNC equipment utilised to produce bodies, gears and blades.

Tristream propellers have 90 degree folding blades at any pitch or diameter. They are available in three or four blade models. They also offer the efficiency of a fixed bladed propeller in forward and reverse and work well as a brake. Because of the simplicity of design infinite variations are possible. When folded down into a bullet like shape it slips through the water with minimal drag which is a substantial advantage.

The prop is geared so that each of the blades moves simultaneously. Centrifugal force opens the spinning prop, which is suitable to any sail drive, and each blade has been constructed with the majority of weight on each outer edge. The prop closes when the engine is idle due to the force of water against it, and is suitable to engines up to 120 hp. and up to 350 hp. for the four blade versions.

Tristream is aimed at the social cruiser/racer market and is a departure from the standard practice of producing propellers from bronze. Problems with inefficiency, braking, reversing poorly, vibration, electrolysis and corrosion have, for a long time, been the curse of the yachting community. They have now been overcome.