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We are manufacturers of folding stainless steel and blade yacht propellers. Our 3-blade, 4-blade & sail drive stainless steel yacht propellers are some of the finest in the world.

Tristream Propeller Company has the benefit of the in-house design and production team at Albury Precision Engineering to ensure the latest processes and newest models to give both value for money and performance.

By incorporating titanium washers between the propeller blades and the body quadrants, titanium pins and a newly modified gear form, you get superior opening & closing. A much smoother action from the blades has been achieved.


Are you looking to get sailboat propellers? There is no better place to come to than us. We have high-quality sailboats that will guarantee you a truly brilliant sailing experience.


If you enjoy waterboarding, surfing, and other kinds of water sports, then having a ski boat will be at the top of your list. We have sailboats propellers that are excellent, and you should try some of them.


Outboards are the powerhouse for your boats, and no matter how beautiful your boat might seem, the outboard motor determines your boat’s performance. At Tristream Propellers, we have high-quality propellers that are just perfect for you.


We also have special propellers of all kinds, such as inboard propellers, outboard propellers, sailboat propellers, and other products.


Do you need to fix your propeller? There is no better place to come than to us. For you to fully enjoy the performance and operations of your propeller, it must be in quality working conditions at all times. Any imbalance or distortion in the propeller’s true shape can lead to vibration, engine damage, thrust loss, damage to the drivetrain, higher fuel consumption, and it will generally reduce the performance of the boat. That is why you need to maintain your propeller at all times; we can help you with that.

Boats for sale

If you are planning to buy boats, there is no better place to come than us. We sell all kinds of boats, and our collection is truly extensive and capable of catering to all your needs.  All our boats are sourced from reputable manufacturers, so their quality is not impeachable. We always make sure that every boat we sell is something we could use ourselves.

Boat Finance

Despite how popular they might be in Australia; boats are very costly. In fact, not everyone can afford to pay cash for a boat. If you are one of those in this position, you don’t have to abandon your dreams of owning a boat because you can definitely get one. Boat finance gives you the opportunity to acquire your boat and pay later.

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